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  • “Everyday Ways to Help Children Learn” Kindergarten Readiness Series

    “Everyday Ways to Help Children Learn” Kindergarten Readiness Series

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    Young children learn a lot every day. They learn when they play, when someone reads to them, and when they talk with others. Many children attend preschool or childcare programs that help them learn even more. But often, parents express concern about whether their children will be ready for kindergarten.

    First, we want to reassure you that kindergarten teachers look more for a child’s willingness to learn than anything else. (See what kindergarten teachers really expect.) To help your child develop an enthusiasm for learning and to practice basic skills, read our blog series featuring ways to help your child learn through activities you already do together!

    This series is all about simple ways to help 3-, 4-, and 5-year-old children learn through everyday activities. Each post has ways to encourage learning during a task that’s already part of your busy schedule, such as giving your child a bath or doing household chores.

    This series of articles from March into Kindergarten provides tips for easy, daily interactions with preschool and kindergarten children that will enhance their readiness for school, during these activities:

    At Breakfast, Lunch, and Dinner

    While Grocery Shopping

    Around the House

    When Walking, Driving, or Taking the Bus

    At Bath Time

    When You Read Together

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